About Me

Melanie Wilhelm aka Melo Momentz is an Ontario based multi-disciplinary artist and outspoken cannabis artist/actionist and mother. Mel's love for nature and her drive for positive cannabis education comes through in many themes of her art. Mel's art captures the beauty of nature, all while celebrating her natural surroundings creating conversation starters

I have used art and plant medicine to heal. Diagnosed with Lupus and then gutted from depression I locked myself away from negativity and focused on creativity and cannabis. 

I am self-taught and love pushing myself and coming up with new ways to be creative daily. Living the infamous starving artist lifestyle I was forced to come up with ways to create things from repurposing items. I was able to learn tons of new skills.

I see things in magical ways and want to share that with the world. Your support inspires me immensely and I am blessed to have you along for the journey... 


📻 Mellow out with Mel Podcast Wed 9 AM EST
🍃 Plant Medicine Actionist
🎨 Intuitive Artist
💘  Healer through Healing                                                           

🌀🌅Openly & Honestly
❤️ Art Therapy
🍄 Microdose Coach
🍄 Mycology experience
🏆 Organizer of the first 2 Indigenous Cannabis Cups
🍄🦚🌍 Entheogenist
✈️ Traveler
📷 Photography
🙌 Registered Massage Therapy Graduate
Living and loving life
Melos Intuitive healing
Talk therapy, energy release, smudging & full moon rituals, Fairy & Oracle messages, Tarot readings, pendulum work, Art therapy, trip sitting & relaxation massage tips and tricks


With Love and intent 

Mel Wilhelm