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📻 Mellow out with Mel Podcast Wed 9 AM EST
🍃 Plant Medicine Actionist
🎨 Intuitive Artist
💘  Healer through Healing                                                                                🌀🌅Openly & Honestly
❤️ Art Therapy
🍄 Microdose Coach
🍄 Mycology experience
🏆 Organizer of the first 2 Indigenous Cannabis Cups
🍄🦚🌍 Entheogenist
✈️ Traveler
📷 Photography
🙌 Registered Massage Therapy Graduate
Living and loving life
Mels Intuitive Helping
Talk therapy, energy release, smudging & full moon rituals, Fairy & Oracle messages, Tarot readings, pendulum work, Art therapy, trip sitting & relaxation massage tips and tricks


With Love and intent 

Mel Wilhelm